Today was a big travel day: Marfa, TX all the way to Tucson, AZ. Jane got two of her wishes in the past 24 hours: 1. To see a roadrunner (which I almost ran over with the car, it was scary) and 2. To drive along with a train. We did hit up The THING roadside attraction. We can’t tell if it’s camp or kitsch, but I do now know what the THING is (not telling!)

Today we took a tour of the Chinati Foundation. It’s Donald Judd’s permanent installation spaces here in Marfa. They didn’t allow pictures of much, so here are a few outdoor Judd works. We also saw a bunch of rad Dan Flavin light pieces, a Carl Andre text room, a Claes Oldenburg horseshoe sculpture in tribute to an old Cavalry horse’s grave on the property, and a room full of John Chamberlain’s crunched cars.

We also got to see Zoe Leonard’s temporary camera obscura that turned the old ice factory into a giant pinhole viewer.

Last night we went to view the Marfa Lights. Those ^ three little dots are them. At night they hover, twinkle, and all around act weird & spooky. Some say it’s aliens, some say it’s ghosts, or electrostatic discharge, or moonlight shining on mica, or a mirage, or strange interplay of hot & cold air. Whatever they are, I can vouch they are NOT headlights… They act really strange.